Change Folder To Icon

Change Folder Icons
Allows you to find thousands of bright icons on your computer for your folders.
NeSoft Inc.
Microangelo Toolset
Create and edit icons with the "Grand-daddy" of icon software!
Eclipsit, Inc.
Microangelo On Display
Customize the appearance of your icons.
Leonard A Gray, Impact Software

Change Folder to Icon

Folder Color Icon Set
36 color coded folder icons to mark out file folders to make them easy to find.
ArcticLine Software
Magic Folder Icon
Give an icon for all your folders on your computer, making every folder different.
Efreesky Software
Buddy Icon Constructor FREE
Buddy Icon Constructor Free creates buddy icon from any image (BMP, JPG, GIF etc).
Icon Constructor
Turbo Icon Editor
Icon editor, create, and convert tool.It's can creating.
Magicrsoft Inc.
My Folders
Access your often-used folders quickier than ever!
nabocorp. softwares
Icon Grabber
Icon extractor. It can search selected folders/files for files and extract icons...
Program Icon Changer
Change or extract icon of exe program. Replace folder icon!
Icon Xpress
Icon Express is the icon editor application that comes with GUI Design Studio.
Caretta Software Ltd.
Wikipedia Icon Installer
Wikipedia Icon Installer puts a Wikipedia Icon on your desktop.

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Change Folder to Icon

Change Folder Background Image
SELF [ Developed By Dhruba Roy ]
Metrolyrics Icon Installer
Metrolyrics Icon Installer simple icon that redirects you to your site.
Hubpages Icon Installer
Hubpages Icon Installer adds a internet Hubpages icon on your desktop.
Depiction Color Icon Pack
Icon pack add-on to the Depiction software.
Depiction Inc
Icon Office
Icon conversion and multitabs icon library management software.
IconTools Software.
Change Folder Icon
Conysoft Inc.
Shutti DeTop
It allows you to select/place fast icons on your desktop or any other folder.
MVdW Software
Folder Changer
You can change the folder icons easily using this program.
Folder Changer
Smart Icon Changer
It is an application that makes changing icons on the desktop fun and easy.
Dr. Folder
Renew your MS Windows' aspect by customizing its folder icons.
YL Computing